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Eng. Wael Boghdady has +15 years of experience in software WaelBoghdady.jpgdevelopment and engineering in roles ranging from developer to projects manager and consultant.

He has a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, major, computer science on 1997. He started his journey with Agile since 2006 when Microsoft released the MSF 4.3 for Agile Software Development

Some of his certificates and achievements:

First authorized trainer in Kuwait by Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky international Enterprise Inc.


  • Certified International Trainer (CIT) from Wales International University – England
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in many Microsoft Technologies.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Canadian Training Center

  • Neuro Conditioning Dynamics Practitioner (NCD), Canadian Training Center

Deep Interest

As I am always say "Agile is a life Style". My deep interest is helping organizations and people to be more successful by applying Agile and Lean practices. These practices are effectively applied in organizations and personal life.

We are living in a very dynamic world that need us to be adaptable; have only 24 hours’ time box. Everyone has endless objectives (product backlog) and we have to achieve them incrementally.

Our life is a project that has objectives and time frame and no one would create a traditional project plan for his/her life. We have to plan for your life on multiple levels and apply adaptive planning. Having self-standup meeting with ourselves every day is critical to know where we are.

We are dealing with people everywhere and need to know how to boost our and their performance, and to keep our selves and keep them motivated; facing conflicts and need to know how to solve them. Need to learn how to discover our problems and solve them as soon as possible. 

It is all about Agile and Lean concepts and practices, it is natural. I feel it, believe it and I will spread it out to everyone everywhere.